Artist Statement

My practice strives to stimulate the viewers’ awareness of their own environment and specifically their engagement with nature. 

Through my painting, I share my own experience of liberation through nature. This offers me a form of escapism, peace and solitude, in contrast to the chaos and complexity of modern life. I combine realistic, enhanced and imaginary elements, using bold, amplified colours and divergent tonal values. My experimentation extends to photo editing software and filters, to further explore and manipulate contrast and saturation. 

By incorporating silhouettes of anonymous and isolated figures, facing away from the viewer, a sense of mystery and curiosity can be generated. My figures are stripped of identity and personality to direct the viewer’s focus firmly on the figure’s relationship with its surroundings.

I want to reflect a narrative of the mental dialogue between human and nature. I hope this dialogue might enhance the importance of our natural environment, our personal engagement with it and the benefits it can bring to our wellbeing.

2010 - present
2010 - present