109 Nails: Group Exhibition

After a few very busy weeks, I am finally getting round to uploading a post about the recent group exhibition I was part of at The Copeland Gallery in Peckham from 10th to 12th March! At first, the prospect of curating and hanging an exhibition with 54 people's work within the space of about 8 hours seemed somewhat daunting. Nonetheless, we all pulled together and managed to put on a very successful show. There was an excellent turnout at the private view, as well as lots of visits on other days. Below you can see some images I took during the set up and show, as well as a great video of the set up, put together by a fellow course mate Elise Gegauff, also exhibiting in the show!

The paintings I exhibited:

I decided to display these three paintings as I felt they worked nicely as a group. The small scale and depth of colour and tone, allows the viewer to step close and immerse themselves in the work.

Work by others:

Video from the set up, put together by Elise Gegauff:

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts soon! Christina

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