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From July to August this summer, I had the opportunity to be part of the Creatives Gallery. The Creatives are a group of artists exhibiting within a pop-up gallery/shop at Ely Corner, Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells. Roughly 12 artists exhibit at a time, each artist is selected by a panel and when exhibiting they must commit to a 6 week period in the gallery, dedicating one day a week to invigilate during the time their work is up. The experience of invigilating and having to sell within a shop environment first hand was something relatively new to me. Although I had invigilated an exhibition earlier in the year (Mind Map) with two other artists, due to being in a busy town centre, and also being a shop, the experience at the Creatives Gallery was very different. I had to learn a lot in a short space of time, regarding the layout of the space, opening and closing the gallery, turning lights/electronic equipment off, tallying the amount of visitors, dealing with money from the sales, and more. During my time in the gallery, we held a private view with a successful turnout, I was pleased to sell one of my paintings on this evening, as well as a few small cards. At the private view with my work:

My work up at the gallery:

Some more images from the gallery/work by others:

Although my work is not currently in the gallery anymore, it still contains a large variety of ever-changing work by local artists. Feel free to pop in and have a look if you are in the area! Thanks for reading! Christina

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